About Me

My name is Madeleine and I love reading and reviewing young adult fiction. My particular favorites are fantasy, paranormal, contemporary  chick-lit, horror, and all types of romance. I'm 16 and from the United States. From a young age I started to love reading. I would play book games with my parents and it even helped overcome dyslexic challenges to the point where I am one of the best English students in my school. I am in AP English and have taken multiple Creative Writing courses where you write those cheesy poems about the elements and your feelings. I am studying to become and EMT and am already an EMR. I take anatomy courses where we do human dissections. I spend most of my time reading and cuddling with my dogs. And I'm the type of book hoarder that can barely walk around their room without knocking over towering piles of books. I am in many school activities such as mentoring, book club and the debate team as well as on the committee that puts the school poetry book together. I am new to the book blog community and hope to book gossip with you in the near future.
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