Rating Policy

5 Stars - Fantastic! Those books that make you want to die and make you all fluffy and make you worship them. Highly recommended. The empitany of beauty and all that jazz. Go buy these now.

4 Stars - Very impressive and almost perfect. They may still be favorites of mine but they aren't exactly there yet. There may be quirks that I would them mention in my review. Or it may just not live up to the same level as the 5 star books.
3 Stars - It was ok. It wasn't slam-head-against the wall torture. But I wouldn't re read it or recommend it. It was just average or may be boring or highly predictable.

2 Stars - It was bad but has some redeeming qualities. That it wan't a complete waste of my time, but it was hard to read.

1 Star - Absolutely horrid. Books that are a disgrace to the young adult genre. Usually cliche or poorly written. The type of books that make you want to claw your eyes out or slam your head repeatedly against the wall. Usually wastes of time and are not recommended at all.

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