Saturday, January 7, 2012

Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter.

Title: Only the Good Spy Young

Author: Ally Carter
Pages: 265
Rating: 5/5 stars

This is my first real review so I am kinda nervous. Here goes nothing...

"Promise me, Cammie! No matter what, promise me you will follow the pigeons." 

Plain and simple. I loved this book.  Only the Good Spy Young excelled my expectations. I read the first book in the Gallagher Girl series when I was a preteen and this book was such a thrill for me. I remember laying in my bed and thinking OMG how awesome is this? And now, many years later, I am lying on the bed thinking the same thing. Now, as a true Gallagher Girl fan I am going to do this the way of Cammie Morgan.

             (A list by Madeleine Moonrise)

PRO: The writing. Ally Carter is a phenomenal YA writer. Her writing is corky and bubbly and just something any teenage girl can relate to.  The thing I love the most is the small detail. For example, the random tidbits Carter adds about spying. She gives you a taste. Like she is showing you a secret only she knows about the spy world. It's great. Magical. Wonderful. I love it!

CON: The overuse of the cliff-hangers. The same "Hello Gallagher Girl" saying that seems to pop up everywhere. I understand the appeal, but it got a little old. It lost its dramatic purpose in my mind after reading it over and over and over and over and over again.

PRO: The action. This book is thrilling. This book is a can't-stop-gripping-book-as-hard-as-you-can AND a slight tear jerker. It is full of adrenaline and heart pounding action and anticipation and all types of twists. You never know what will happen next! It keeps you on edge, which is most likely my favorite part about this book. Definitively a book that is hard to put down no matter how hard you try.

CON: The lack of Macey. I don't know. I felt as though she wasn't really there. Like the friend dialogue was full of Liz and Bex but only a little Macey here in there it seemed. I think the author noticed it too as she was writing and added a few snip-its so she seemed like a dominant character. I wanted more Macey and I hope the next book fixes my imbalance.

Pro: God, I forgot how much I missed Zach. I really like the romance in this book. I like that it isn't all consuming. Cammie still holds her own in the book. She isn't all: "Oh I love you, you are my life now, let's have sex every two seconds, I'm not worthy of your love, you are PERFECT." which is SUCH a relief. I have read way too many books like that in my lifetime to last me forever. (meaning The Twilight Saga *cough-cough*) And what's this? No love triangle? A TEEN BOOK WITHOUT A LOVE TRIANGLE?
Oh yes. Forget that these existed readers? Well they do and this series doesn't have one, thank god. The romance is carefree and sweet. Zach is swoon worthy in my book. He has secrets and he makes you want to jump into the pages and hit him sometimes but overall he is a really funny, great counterpart to Cammie.

Rating: 5 stars
Favorite Character: Zach Goode


  1. I love Ally Carter!!
    Have you read the Heist Society books?

    Haha, i totally agree about Zach. :) Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy is my favorite one in the series so far (with this one as a close second) just because of Zach! He's amazing, and so much better than Josh. :)

    Your blog is great! Keep up the good work!

  2. I have not read the Heist Society books yet but I really want to. Are they good?

    And I agree, It was my favorite to, I read it all in a day, I can't wait for the next one!

    Thank you! I have never done anything like this before. I like your blog too!

  3. They're pretty good. I'm more partial to the Gallagher Girl books simply because I started them first. But Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals are great, you should definitely read them. :)

    Thanks! I get so far behind in my reviews, it's horrible. Blah. But I love having a blog!